Senior Portraits 2021

 Pricing Guide

Senior Packages

Let me create a beautiful  portrait for you, one which you will still love in the years to come. I personally do all photo shoots, combining my extensive experience in portraiture, fashion, journalism and fine art photography to create unique images. No more than two full shoots are booked in a day, so your shoot is never rushed. Clients are pleasantly surprised how fun the shoot is.

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Portfolio Shoot


  • This is the best shoot to capture who you are
  • Extended Shoot with both Studio and Location available
  • Approximately 4 hours
  • Images not included in shoot fee
  • Portfolio purchase required -see pricing below

Studio Shoot


  • Full Studio Shoot
  • 3 outfits
  • Approximately 2 hours
  • Images not included in shoot fee
  • Minimum order $750 (equivalent to an 11x14 Museum Print)

Location Shoot


  • Full Location Shoot Outside
  • Approximately 2 hours
  • Inside shoots with lighting +$100
  • Images not included in shoot fee
  • Minimum order $750 (equivalent to an 11x14 Museum Print)

Head Shot Shoot


  • For those who just need a great closeup shot for the yearbook and one for mom
  • 1/2 studio shoot
  • Approximately 45 min.
  • One clothing option
  • Makeup artist not available
  • Images not included
  • Minimum order $500 

 Prints and More Pricing

Here are some examples of our most popular products. More extensive price lists and custom sizes are available upon request. Client usually spend between $1500-$15,000.

Shoot Add-Ons

Siblings and Family + $50-150

Professional Makeup Artist $150

Clothing Stylist $75 hour

Out of town shoots by quote

Museum Prints

30x40 | $3200

20x24 | $1850

16x20 | $1400

11x14 | $750

8x10 | $470

other sizes available

color +10%

Museum Prints are edited & printed in my studio on the finest archival papers. Each image is treated as a separate work of art. These prints are subtle and beautiful and each one can take hours, sometimes days to complete. If taken care of, these prints should last for generations to come. All images are archived for future use.

cards and Rush Prints

Price depends on design and quantity


Our cards are designed in the studio and are perfect for holidays, announcements and thank you cards. Just select your favorite images and what you want to say, we'll do the rest!

Rush Photos (4x6)

Many seniors will need a stack of photos for college rush, applications and other purposes. In the spring, we offer a special for those who need these. Prices will be available in February. We can email the prices to you then.


8x10 print with an 11x14 mat in a folio box or book

(photo shoot not included)

6x | $2295

12x | $4200

20x | $6750

The Italian Folio Box (pictured) is an 11x14 custom, Italian made  leather folio box with archival matted Museum Prints. These prints can be framed as is or kept on a table in this beautiful display box.

The Museum Book is a collection of photographs from one or more sittings. Your favorite images are printed in the studio on German fine art paper and then hand-bound into a beautiful handmade artisan crafted album.

The iPad Portfolio includes digital images that are professionally edited. They are for viewing on Apple iPad, iPhone, Android devices, personal websites, computers and social media. Click here to see a sample portfolio.

Note: These images are not licensed for printing or commercial use.


Yearbook Photos (up to 1600 pixels)

social media usage included with yearbook images

$125 each | if a Museum Print is ordered of the image

$225 each | if a Museum Print has not been ordered of the image

Social Media (1080 pixels)

$95 each | if a Museum Print is ordered of the image

$195 each | if a Museum Print has not been ordered of the image

Memories are preserved best when printed, but we know that sometimes you just want to post something. These files are not licensed or sized for  personal printing or commercial use. 


Why can't I just have a disk of images?

  • Clients come to me because I make portraits on the couture level. Every final image gets my extreme attention to the subtle details. This attention makes my art stand apart from those photographers who just give you an unfinished disk of images. 
  • The photographer Ansel Adams said the negative is the score and the print is the performance. I have vision for your portrait which I want to completion, from image to print.
  • The print is the final, best and most permanent performance of an image. Digital images are ephemeral. They change with the device they are viewed on and they can disappear with hard drive crashes, changes in software, and changes in the internet. 

Why are some photographers charge less?

  • Most  photographers are offering a completely different product than I do.
  • Many photographers use quick, automatic skin smoothing or effect filters to achieve their "completely edited" pictures.
  • My shoots are extensive but the shoot amounts to only a small portion of the time we spend for each client. Most of our time is spent scouting locations, prepping before the shoot, selecting the best images, projecting the proofs for you, talking through the final product and most of all producing the final images.
  • It takes experience, dedication and time to achieve the artistic, museum quality prints we produce. It's easy to take some pictures and hand someone a disk or send it to an outside lab for printing, but the quality is not the same.
  • I have the most amazing professional retoucher I have ever met on my staff. He has over 40 years of experience in both digital and analog photography. We work together on the final prints. These take hours and sometimes days to get it just right. But in the end it is worth it!
  • I shoot everything myself with top of the line equipment, and I have backup equipment ready if there are problems.
  • Shoots and final images are archived. Many clients come back years later to order additional images. We still have them.

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About John Derryberry

John has photographed millions of images  in his career. His clients include  national magazines, fashion houses, Fortune 500 companies, major charity organizations and commissioned clients all over the country.

Much of his aesthetic is influenced by his study of classical art and art history at SMU and by his time living and teaching in Japan. His life has been a long study of light, gesture and timing. "I use all of these to find that which is unique in each subject I shoot."


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